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Stocking Hominid Research is dedicated to the scientific pursuit of knowledge and classification of Hominids typically known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot, and Skunk Ape. We use critical thinking and forensic procedure in our investigative process.
Our goal is to actively spend long periods of time in the forests in order to obtain data and evidence to prove the existence of these unique Hominids. We are dedicated, and hope to someday describe these Hominids to science and the world.
It is our opinion, based on evidence, data, and eye witness accounts, that Sasquatch/Bigfoot is of the Genus homo, and not an Ape. They have a home range and are not migratory. These ranges can encompass hundreds of square miles where these Hominids live out their lives.
We are based in Florida, Oregon, and Ohio, but will investigate sightings in most of the United States and Canada. If you have experienced any contact with Sasquatch, please file a report with us.
As a non-profit corporation, any donations would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for sharing your time with us.

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